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Campaigning for Bernie Sanders

Here's the web version of another email I decided to send out today:

Hello, Everyone – 

Lately I've been thinking about how I can make a difference. It occurs to me that Facebook is such an information-overload place of fleeting…Read more

Help my friend Larry Pegg make a difference

Hello, Friends –

My friend and client Larry Pegg in Ottawa, CA, lost his daughter to suicide, and he's channeled his grief to inspiration with his music. He recently entered his song "We Love Hockey" to the CBC's Hockey Night…Read more

How good stuff happens in the face of great challenge

Hard work continues toward recovery. This week I have regrouped from recent challenges (mentally and creatively at least), and—despite not being able to go to New York City as planned July 28 through August 5—I have:
  • Gone to work at…

I am an artist

I'll say it again to anyone who will read or listen. I am an artist. For my whole life I've been beaten down for this by a variety of people who will remain unnamed publicly. The message as to straighten…Read more