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As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, I'm working on getting off the ground with regard to resuming my touring and recording a new album. To help in this regard, I'm offering my ebook/audio book Billy Ray's Chevrolet and Other Writings and Photographs from a Southern Appalachian Valley as a free download, with an option for anyone who'd like to make a financial contribution of any amount. Additionally, anyone in the Asheville, NC, area who contributes $200 will get a two-hour house concert. All contributors will be acknowledged in the liner notes of the new album.

Dave Turner author Billy Ray's Chevrolet cover

First lines

Billy Ray's Chevrolet
The 1953 Chevrolet truck had been parked in the same place for many years in a yard just past Lower Grassy Branch beside Riceville Road. Read more

Leafless Trees
Brittle sticks and dry leaves on the ground crunch beneath my feet. Read more

Don Bridenstine rents a small log cabin from my parents. Read more

It’s a hot day despite the high elevation. Read more

Unexpected Freeze
Smoke rises from the stone chimney. Read more

Fire Pit
The fire burns in a pit encircled by stones, surrounded by old mountains with soft edges like bunched up carpet, not rocks. Read more

Nineteen and Twenty-Seven
Our small log cabin overlooks a little meadow in one of the prettiest little coves I ever saw, though I ain’t traveled far from it. Read more

Mr. Gaddy
My father—James A. Turner, M.D.—had a dream. Read more

Wildflowers and a Daydream
The young man has no work and little money but the sky is blue and the sun is warm. Read more

The land in the valley below looks soft and verdant and warm. Read more

Two boys lay awake in a pop-up camper talking into the night. Read more

Riceville Road. Read more

Marguerite (Peggy) Desshauer was one of the last of her kind. Read more

As Rain Approaches
Hound dogs. Read more

Seeing forever
An old upright piano stands in the corner of the room with a vaulted ceiling and gold carpet and wormy chestnut paneling. Read more

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"Highly recommend "Billy Ray's Chevrolet," an ebook from college pal Dave Turner. It's a collection of writing and photographs "From a Southern Appalachian Valley." Dave's vivid childhood memories growing up near Asheville, his subtle insights and his gift for lyrical writing make for an enjoyable, if not all-too-brief read." -Rodney Rogers, Greenville, SC

"I downloaded Dave's audio book and spent the last 50+ minutes in a wonderful solitude, filled with the prosaic excellence and imagery of a very talented and sensitive artist. I encourage you to participate in this experience." -Bill McMillan, Naples, FL

"Dave, when I met you several years ago, I soon felt like I had known you forever. This is not too weird of a notion as we have mutual friends from our school days. I have loved your music from the first show I attended. Now your new e-book has opened up a new view of your writing for me. What a wonderful way to use technology to get your work out into the world. Your writing has a way of putting me right in the setting. Thank you for the bonus--your Could Have Talked All Night album. The music is a nice complement to the book. Amber River and of course, Billy Ray’s Chevrolet are favorites. Keep up the good work and don’t let the haters get you down. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) you soon." -Ben Smith, Marshall, NC

"Dave, thanks so much for writing such a great comfortable book. I read it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. What made it even better was the bonus music playing softly in the background. It was the perfect background sound for reading such great stories from you. I encourage everyone to download this just to partake in a couple hours of someone's art. Very well done. Thanks, Dave....what's next?" -Gary Pipta, United States 

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