Video posted: New song "Francis Avenue"

This new tune was on Facebook a few weeks ago, but I just posted it on my website video page and below in this post with the lyrics. It's a quick and dirty recording. Looking forward to refining it, getting in the studio and doing this along with some others soon for a new album.

Francis Avenue
© 2013 Dave Turner

My old boots have passed the stage of needin' a shine.
The leather's dry as the desert, and the soles are thin as a dime.
And I walked away from you and Francis Avenue.

I drove all night from beside the sea in California.
All the way through the desert to Kingman, Arizona.
Where I dreamed again of you and Francis Avenue.

Eggs and bacon, pills and coffee and cigarettes.
After sunrise by the Mother Road with my pain and regrets.
Part of me I left behind with you on Francis Avenue.

By the time I was in Gallup, New Mexico,
I was feelin' pretty sick and pulled off, so far to go,
And saw the motel where I stayed on the way to you and Francis Avenue.

From there I don't recall very much of the journey
But for Shawnee, Oklahoma, and Lebanon, Tennessee.
And now I'm back in the North Carolina mountains missin' you and Francis Avenue.

We were like a Roman candle,
And I barely survived the explosion.
And I arrived here considerably broken
Without you and Francis Avenue.

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  • Linda Mitrchell
    Linda Mitrchell
    Very good song!!

    Very good song!!

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