Update: Deadline extended for west coast on "pay-what-you-want" download

Update 8:20pm ET 07/12/2012! OK - 8pm Eastern July 12, 2012 has come and gone (and thanks to all of those who have responded). Everyone else: It's not too late to act, as we've extended the deadline to 8pm Pacific for the benefit of those out west!

So... at 8pm Pacific time tonight, a great opportunity comes to an end. That is, your chance to get 36 songs (a $36 value) for whatever you want to pay (one cent and up). 36 songs by Dave Turner at any price you choose, so long as you buy by 8pm Pacific July 12, 2012. What's this collection of hand-crafted original music worth to you? Pick a price and download yours now. (Or buy singles downloads at just 99 cents each.)


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