"Truly magical," "riveting," "haunting and powerful..." and LIVE in Black Mountain

Rupert Wates and Friends Live at the White Horse in Black Mountain
in a production of Rupert's original musical revue "Joe's Cafe"
Saturday, October 16th, 8pm
Featuring Rupert Wates, Mike Holstein, Valorie Miller, Peggy Ratusz and Dave Turner
105C Montreat Rd. Black Mountain, NC 28711 Phone: 828 669-0816

“A real treat. Don’t miss this show.” (Tim Koetting, Artword.net)
“Truly magical.” (Katie Penrose, View Magazine Online)
“Warm, witty, tender, poignant.” (Rita Kohn, Nuvo)
“Haunting and powerful.” (Adrian Chamberlain, Times-Colonist)
“Run to see it!” (Bill Bourus, Indianapolis Fringe Festival)
“Riveting.” (Roberta Parker, Minnesota Fringe)

About "Joe's Cafe"
The audience is invited to imagine that they are guests in an all-night cafe, where friends gather to share their stories. In this intimate environment, five consummate performers deliver fifteen songs that retell the experience of ordinary American people.

In Dick And Delores (The Loving Kind) we hear of an interracial couple in the south in the 50's, who defied state law to marry. The Skies Of South Dakota unfolds the sad story of a young girl's struggle with religious and class prejudice. Days Of Mercy tells of the exodus of a poor family across America during the Dust Bowl Depression. There are tales of love and loss in the two world wars, and other stories of yesterday and today, each recast in song, each of them a piece in the mosaic that is the story of America itself. More about Rupert Wates and Joe's Cafe: http://www.bitemusiclimited.com

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