Tour begins tomorrow, August 29th!

Hello, Everyone -

I leave tomorrow morning to begin my tour with Rupert Wates across the country (including his "Joe's Cafe" music revue in San Francisco), Stacey Lorin Merkl in California and Colorado, Nancy A. Jones in California, and Kellie Amend (stage name Vivian Gail) in Colorado. (Tour dates on my calendar)

Special thanks to Rupert for making it possible for me to be on this tour and arranging the gigs, and to Nancy for lining up accommodations and the shows at The Steinbeck Center and The Alternative Cafe.

For this tour I have released a new compilation CD "CALICARO" which wouldn't have been possible without:
  • Michael Berlin and Jake Dewey of bClip Productions who duplicated and printed the CDs.
  • Graphics Four in downtown Asheville who printed the digipak materials.
  • Eve Haslam, Frank Zipperer, Blythe Moore, Bill Sykes, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Burns, and my mom, Margaret Turner, who provided kind support.
CALICARO, a two-disc limited edition compilation by Dave Turner

Thanks also to my kids Sam Turner, Gracie Keller Turner, and Ben Turner who I will miss greatly while being away for a month.

Words cannot express my gratitude. I am a very fortunate man to have such wonderful friends and family.

All the best,

Dave Turner Music

Dave Turner Music
14 Houston Street, Asheville, NC 28801, 828-713-9206

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