The fabulous work of Woody Wood and how to be a part of it

Asheville-based singer-songwriter Aaron "Woody" Wood is a friend of mine and one of my all-time favorite artists. He is one of the most talented performers in this region, and in my view, anywhere. His voice is fantastic, he is a masterful guitarist, his lyrics are compelling, he has a wonderful sense of humor, and he is a very kind and humble person. He represents the very best.

Late last month Woody began a project to fund his new album, and I encourage everyone I know who loves and supports truly original music to check out this project - you can contribute anywhere from $1 up. If he doesn't reach his goal the project will not be funded and nobody who pledged will actually have to pony up. But there are many incentives for contributing ranging from free downloads to hand-made screen printed CDs and t-shirts and even private shows for the contributor and 25 of his or her friends.

I've seen Woody perform often, sometimes at small venues for little pay, and when I do, an old Billy Joel lyric tends to cross my mind: "Man, what are you doing here?" That's not to say he hasn't had successes. He's been signed to labels, been covered by national press, toured across the U.S., and has played with many world-class and well-known musicians. Even with such accomplishments, making a living at music can be very hard.

So please, check out the video about this project:

Woody Wood album project video

I hope you'll consider being part of this project - you'll be helping introduce Woody and his wonderful music to more people.

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