Thank you

Dear Friends – 

My sincere apologies and heartfelt thank you to everyone who, despite the "please unsubscribe" email campaign that I foolishly sent out in a moment of frustration (or better described, a stress-induced lapse in good judgment), have:
  • Remained on my email list
  • Responded financially to my Resumption Project campaign
  • Emailed me back with kind words of support, encouragement and concern
  • Called me to express concern and support
  • Responded with honest constructive criticism, some harsh but deserved
Here's a video of a new song I wrote recently that tells part of my story over the last three difficult years, offered as an example of a better way to express myself than ill-advised email campaigns:

I am bound and determined to keep working hard at all of my endeavors – the music, website design, copywriting and editing, getting my book self-published. 

This week I look forward to performing in Brevard. If you're in the area, stop by for the show:

Thursday, August 22 8:00 pm
Dave Desmelik Songwriter Round with Fayssoux McLean and Dave Turner
185 King Street: 185 King Street, Brevard, NC (MAP)

All the best,

Pianist singer songwriter Dave Turner Resumption Project campaign

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