Still grateful to Brian Tucker of Southeast Performer magazine (and others)

I was looking through some old reviews today and came across this one from Brian Tucker at Southeast Performer. I'm still grateful for this review, and to all the musicians (Stephanie Morgan, Joe Buzzelli, Michael Libramento, Chuck Lichtenberger) and studio people (Jeff Knorr and Seva) who made this project happen.

Review, Southeast Performer

Pianist singer-songwriter Dave Turner album Could Have Talked All Night Asheville NC Collapseable Studios Joe Buzzelli Michael Libramento Stephanie Morgan Chuck Lichtenberger, Jeff Knorr, Seva Souncurrent Mastering

Dave Turner - Could Have Talked All Night
Produced by Dave Turner at Collapseable Recording Studio in Asheville, NC
Engineered and mixed by Jeff Knorr
Mastered by Seva at Soundcurrent Mastering in Knoxville, TN

Asheville, N.C.’s Dave Turner serves up candid and visceral portraits of real life against a hearty background of piano driven songs. Utilizing the tapestry of American life is either done adroitly or ham-handed, but Turner is frank in his delivery without resorting to catchiness and cliché. He focuses on family, a workingman’s life or the slippery slope that accompanies the inevitable fact of growing older.

Turner paints his themes as simple Rockwellian images, love songs or tongue-in-cheek numbers as on the aptly titled “Belly at the Bar.” The piano driven bar-ballads (“Damn, She’s Aged”) and pop songs (“Not as Old as Daddy”) draw on melody as much as distinct slices of life. “Tears on the Page” is elegant nod to romantic San Francisco and beer joints are a staple of lyrical focus on many songs - a place where life happens when one wants to avoid it or haunts for touring musicians.

Turner’s vocal timbre is akin to Van Morrison in later years with the additional salt of Leon Russell. On “Never Meant to Say” Turner glows on the song’s chorus while back-up singers echo a la many a song by Joe Cocker.

Turner’s Could Have Talked All Night was recorded live during a single session and inadvertently added additional vibrancy to the whole. It feels more real, more in the moment. What Turner brings to the album is something that only comes with time and experience. (Morning Storm Records)

-Brian Tucker

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