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This note came to me today from my Canadian friend, client and fellow singer-songwriter Larry Pegg, who lost his daughter to suicide and is devoting his music to raising funds for youth suicide prevention and mental health resources via – please visit the site and vote for his song, "We Love Hockey," in the CBC Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest. The note from Larry tells the details:

Hello people,

Please help make this a pivotal moment for #MentalHealth in Canada.

This is a counterintuitive project for Mental Health, matching Music with the power and passion of Hockey, Canada’s beloved sport, and together making progress on Mental Health. 
CBC emailed me today at noon to say that my song #WeLoveHockey is 200 votes from the top 50. There are 9 voting days left to determine the top 50, including until midnight tonight. Positions will change like a horse race, but we have the #MentalHealth edge, that’s why I’m contacting everyone that cares about this issue to ask for their support.

I sent this out to the faithful. 
It’s time to push hard. 9 days of voting left including today. Vote now and every day. And share this...

Ask everyone to visit
A) VOTE and Create their CBC profile  (Click the gear icon after voting)
B) Play the song (2:45) fully or it won’t count. Turn it down, just play it.
C) Like it. 
D) Share it! Using the FB and Twitter Share function beside the Voting button.

All of these above tasks/functions are available at the voting button beside my Bio “Vote for this Artist”. This can all be done in about 10 seconds and then let the song play and walk away.


Following the death of his daughter to suicide in 2007, Larry Pegg is using his music and the power and passion of Hockey to try and make a difference.

Larry Pegg's song #WeLoveHockey is entered in the CBC #SongQuest competition. It is the one song in a thousand (1000) song entries that is fighting for the cause of #MentalHealth and #SuicidePrevention. He is donating 90% of all proceeds to and he is speaking to this issue to hockey fans and all those that he can. See the creative and informative videos at He’s hoping hockey and people that care about this issue will respond and VOTE for this song and cause in the CBC competition. His goal is to win and put this issue on Centre Ice.

After releasing his album (Before and Afterlife: The Theory of Positivity) on September 10th (World Suicide Prevention Day), Pegg is now taking his Mental Health message to the most powerful medium in Canada. HOCKEY! Hockey is responding beyond his expectations. So far Wendel Clark, Sheldon Kennedy, Hayley Wickenheiser, Theo Fleury, and Chris “Knuckles” Nilan have shown their support on Twitter. Four University Women’s teams have participated in pics and videos and the list is growing as Pegg visits arenas in Eastern Ontario. This is only the beginning. But to win his song needs votes.

Pegg mobilized his new website ( late last week to coincide with November 23rd, the first day of voting for the CBC SongQuest competition. 

His ambitious goal is to engage Hockey fans and Canadians to get behind his quest to send Canada’s Olympic teams to Sochi as the World’s de-facto Ambassadors for Mental Health. Pegg believes that the Power and Passion of Hockey can lead the way.

Step One
Win the CBC SongQuest Competition
Step Two
Sell 50,000 copies of #WeLoveHockey and raise between $50,000 and $100,000 for DIFD in one day. That day is“Hockey Day in Canada”. When a song sells 50,000 in Canada it goes Gold 
Step Three
Send our Women’s and Men’s and our Paralympic Hockey Teams to Sochi with this Gold song in their ear-buds and Purple in their Hearts (DIFD). Their mission, should they decide to accept it, is to become Global Ambassadors for peace and Mental Health. Pegg wants to see Canada with the Maple Leaf back where it belongs. "On our backpacks.” he says. “And of course, bring back Hockey Gold to Canada”.

Pegg’s message: "Let’s stop the madness and improve our awareness of Mental Health issues and Suicide Prevention. Let’s show the world that Canada can lead in this fight. Let’s Drop the Gloves and all fight for a better, safer and happier world.”


Larry Pegg is sent his message this past weekend.

He opened with #WeLoveHockey at The Smiths Falls Bears vs. the Carleton Place Canadians Friday evening at 7:30pm at the Smiths Falls Arena. See the video at

On Saturday he played and interviewed at Carleton University for their 6 pm game, getting the support of the Carleton Women’s Hockey team and the Ottawa U Gee Gee’s. 

I guess that’s a pretty good overview of where I’m trying to go with this opportunity. 
Thank you.
Larry Pegg 

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