Open mic continues at White Horse February 8th

As the host of the open mic each Tuesday night (including this Tuesday, February 8th) at White Horse Black Mountain (music 8:45pm, signup 8pm), I encourage every musician and singer-songwriter in the greater Asheville area to consider coming out and playing a few songs with us - it's a wonderful listening room style venue with great sound and a beautiful stage - really one of the finest music venues in the region.

As host my number-one objective is to give artists of all kinds the opportunity to perform on this wonderful stage and make them feel welcome and appreciated - including careful attention to the presentation and sound support - I know Bert Brown, the White Horse sound engineer works very hard to give everyone the full benefit of his expertise and the first-class sound system at White Horse. And I hope your appearance opens doors to perform gigs at White Horse - I know Bob Hinkle and Kim Hughes (the owners) are always listening and interested in and very supportive of local artists and those traveling through the area. And I also believe that when musicians get together and listen to each other and make connections it can be very rewarding and helpful to all of us as we pursue our performance careers, opportunities to collaborate and network...and most importantly, to enjoy hearing each other.

So I hope you'll join us - and help spread the word among any musicians and songwriters you know. Please call me direct at 828-713-9206 or email if you have any questions about or suggestions for our open mic event.



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