New website launched for Valorie Miller, sliding scale for musicians

Dave Turner Creative has launched a new website for client Valorie Miller, an award-winning singer-songwriter based in Asheville, North Carolina, who tours across the US and internationally, and who released her sixth album, Turtle Shell, in July 2012.

The website ( includes e-commerce (CD and MP3 download sales), a comprehensive electronic press kit, and blog and data integration through ArtistData and Networked Blogs that centralizes news and live performance information for distribution through concert databases and social media.

Dave Turner Creative offers website design services to entreprenuers of all kinds but has a particular focus on musicians. Turner, a pianist and singer-songwriter, offers these services on a sliding scale.

"If you're a musician—especially if you're a singer-songwriter who is earning a living in the new music business that has been ushered in by today's technology, and if you are doing something that reaches me as someone who 'gets it,' I can help, and I'll work with you on price," Turner says. "Basically, it's about what you can afford and my desire to help fellow artists. I understand your world because I'm in it myself. If I can help a fellow singer-songwriter put his or her best foot forward to stand out online in the cacophony of indie artists out there, it's personally rewarding. Nothing makes me more pleased and fulfilled in my day job than to be able put the skills I've acquired in the corporate world to work in the interest of something that is dear to my heart—the promotion of independent musicians whose work I admire. There are so many artists, Valorie among them, who are out there doing incredibly innovative and truly superior work—folks who are recording and performing far better material than what you hear in the mainstream old-school music business—and they need to be heard and earn a good living for what they bring listeners who have a real passion for new music," he says. "I want to help deliver their music to people who are hungry for more than the same old, well, crapola."

Contact Turner at if you're a musician who'd like to take your online presence to the next level (or if you know such a musician).

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