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Hi, Friends – Few announcements: new shows announced, a new lyric soon-to-be-a-song, and a free download of my audio/eBook Billy Ray's Chevrolet – if you'd like the free download, or free downloads of any of my other recordings, just shoot me an email at, and I'll send you a download link and code. 

New shows
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Sunday Oct 27 4:00 PM 
River House, 1896 Old Field Creek Road, Grassy Creek, North Carolina
More info: 336-982-2109
Friday Nov 1 6:00 PM
Straightaway Cafe, 1722 North Carolina Highway 9, Black Mountain, NC
More info:

Wednesday Nov 6 7:00 PM
The Red Stag Grill at The Bohemian Hotel, 11 Boston Way, Asheville, North Carolina
More info:
Wednesday Nov 27 7:00 PM
The Red Stag Grill at The Bohemian Hotel, 11 Boston Way, Asheville, North Carolina
More info:

New lyric soon-to-be-song

What You Did to Me
By Dave Turner
© 2013
I felt like I’d risen above the fray with you.
Didn’t envy anybody, ‘cause of the place you took me to.
Now I’m so many goddamned miles away from you.
Wondering if I’ll ever find another woman who can do
What you did to me.
It didn’t take long for everything to fall apart.
And I’m thinking now that the whole thing was a farce.
A pretty picture that looked so good, like a work of art
And then suddenly the pain was so great, I had to depart
From what you did to me.
The thing is, I don’t think that I can ever leave.
In my mind I keep returning to that place beside the sea.
I’ve been living in squalor since I came back east.
Hangin’ on to dear life despite the mediocrity
Compared to what you did to me.
It’s been a long time now since I left the west coast
I remain three thousand miles away in a land called limbo
Thinking of leaving, maybe for New York, but who knows?
The fact is, I don’t have a clue about where to go
After what you did to me.
Now I hope there’s a future that overcomes the past.
And I know there’s not a single thing that forever is gonna last.
And I’ll admit that wishful thinking played a role in the disaster
that boils down to what you did to me.
Funny, I’m still hoping that we’ll somehow reconcile.
I’ve been harboring these hopes for a long, long while.
But everybody I know says I’m a hair short of an imbecile
If I travel back west to you, over those many miles
After what you did to me.
Oh, they’re so bittersweet, all the memories
Of the hours and days and weeks and months of ecstasy
But I guess in the end I’ll have to leave them behind me
And find another way to live and love, is it a possibility
Given what you did to me?
When you asked me who’s the woman, you or me
As I cried in your living room incredulously
That I’d come so far and sold so many precious things
To come home and be rejected with all the intensity
Of what you did to me.
When you hear what I’m singin’, I guess it’ll set us free.
I’ll be done with you, and you’ll be done with me.
And I suppose that’s how it really ought to be.
But I’ll never forget our time together by the sea
And what you did to me.

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All the best,

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