New printing, CALICARO hand-signed two-disc album, available now online

CALICARO 2-CD album by Dave TurnerIn response to requests, a new printing of Dave Turner's two-disc limited edition CD compilation CALICARO is now available to order online. If you missed the opportunity to buy a copy of the original printing, click here to order now 

Unlike the original version, each disc in this set is hand-signed. The collection includes the following tracks:

Disc 1: Lumberton, Damn She's Aged, Billy Ray's Chevrolet, Not As Old As Daddy, Never Meant to Stay, Belly at the Bar, Tears on the Page, Down to $2, Beer Joint, Painful Damned Hangovers, Could Have Talked All Night, Amber River

Disc 2: Hideaway, Color of Grey, Coffee in the Kitchen, Solitaire, Don't Know Jesus, Far to Go, Hot Pavement, Katie Swain, Tattoo, When the Flowers Bloom, Widower's Face, Might As Well.

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