New Dave Turner album: Recorded, released on same night

I've been wanting to do a new album, and tonight, I just couldn't wait anymore -- driven as much by my need for bread as by my desire to create new art. So beginning around 7pm Eastern tonight I began recording live in my home studio. By midnight I had a new album, and it's available now - FRESH for download! Click here.

I'll be grateful for early proceeds from the album as I leave on Friday, 11/26, for a mini-tour. I'll be performing at BabyCakes in Poughkeepsie, NY, Sat 11/27, Googie's Lounge at The Living Room in NYC Sun 11/28 (with my good friend Rupert Wates), and The Metropolitan Room in Manhattan on Wed 12/1 (in another performance with Rupert and friends in "Joe's Cafe") before heading back to NC on 12/2. Details on my calendar.

Album title (in the spirit of Elton John's 11-17-70):

Track list (preview the tracks here):
1. Hideaway
2. Color of Grey
3. Coffee in the Kitchen
4. Solitaire
5. Don't Know Jesus
6. Far To Go
7. Hot Pavement
8. Katie Swain
9. Tattoo
10. When The Flowers Bloom
11. Widower's Face
12. Might As Well

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