In the contest finals

I'm in the finals of the Jenny Greer's Brown Bag Songwriting Competition this Sat May 22. Part of the judges' criteria is audience response, so I'd be honored and grateful to you for lending me your ears, applause, and whistles during the show :-)

Brown Bag Songwriting Competition FINALS
Saturday, May 22, 9pm
- Map
77-B Biltmore Ave., Asheville, NC 28801 - 828-258-1550

Brown Bag Songwriters Contest poster

The Finalists - No matter who wins, this will be a fine evening of music from:

Shane Conerty

Dan Shearin

Dave Turner

Julian Sikes

Eric Janowski

Rorey Carroll

Ken Kiser

Alex Krug

Steve Smith

Michael Jordian

The Shinola Troubadours of Possom Spender

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