How John Lennon's scream inspired me in 1988

Back in 1988, when I was living in the desperate environs of suburban Atlanta, I was listening to The Beatles' White Album, and between tracks John Lennon could be heard screaming, "I've got blisters on my fingers." My thought at the time was, "Yeah, but I've got blisters on my soul." This led to my song "Blisters," which I share with you here (click on the play arrow below or download it free) in a solo demo recording I made this summer in Weaverville, NC, a locale that gave me its own brand of desperation. Thankfully, I'm soon to be living in downtown Asheville—no more country living for me. But I digress, sort of.

Words and music by Dave Turner

You've got blisters on your fingers.
Well I've got blisters on my soul.
And the haunting thoughts still linger.
I've been wanting them to go away on their own.

Away on their own (3x)

Somewhere there must be salvation.
I've been searching in the dark.
Can you point me in some direction?
Can we take a walk away on our own.

Away on our own (3x)

Damn the philosophisin'.
I've got no use for analysis.
The sun is now risin'
It's a new dawn full of newness a dawn that's our own.

A dawn that's our own (3x)

Thanks for reading and listening. Hear this song and others live this Friday, September 17th, at the Straightaway Cafe in Black Mountain, NC, between 6-8pm. You'll find it at 1722 NC Hwy 9, Black Mountain, NC 28711 - (828) 669-8856 - - Map

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