British born artist Rupert Wates to bring ‘Joe’s Café’ show to Asheville

To be joined on Tressa's stage by local performers including Dave Turner, Valorie Miller and Peggy Ratusz

Rupert Wates, a British born singer-songwriter based in New York City, will bring his captivating show “Joe’s Café” to Tressa’s and will be performing it with an array of local singers and musicians including Dave Turner, Valorie Miller and Peggy Ratusz.

March 19, 2010
Tressa's Downtown Jazz and Blues
28 Broadway Asheville, NC 28801
8 pm, admission $10 at door

About the show
The latest project from the award-winning Wates, “Joe’s Café” is both a traveling road show and a new full-length CD. It features fifteen original songs based on true stories, each with an American theme and set at an epochal moment in America's past, from the Civil War to the dust bowl Depression, the Second World War, Vietnam, and the struggle for civil rights, all the way to the present day. Wates, writing from the viewpoint of a cultural outsider, recasts in song the stories of ordinary American people; and through them, he traces the history of America itself. In live performance and on the CD, each song is performed by a different singer. The impression is created that each person is telling his or her own story, and that they have all come together to share their stories in a place called Joe's Cafe.

Whenever “Joe’s Café” comes to a new town, the ensemble for the show is recruited from singers and musicians local to the venue. The theme of the album is community, and pooling collective local resources as the staging method is a continuation of this theme. The audience provides the last link in a circle of friends entering the warm and welcoming atmosphere of an all-night cafe, always open to anyone with a story to tell.

About Rupert Wates
Rupert Wates was born in London and has been based in the USA since 2006. Previous releases include “Sweet Or Bitter Wine” (2005) on the Mainstem label, and “Coast To Coast” (2007) and “Dear Life” (2008), both recorded for Bitemusic Limited. “Joe’s Café” and all albums are available for purchase at and on

Media voices
“Truly gripping lyrics with great themes and troubling, witty messages. An inspirational artist.” (Leith FM Radio Scotland)

“Every cut's a gem, completely absorbing, enthralling, and thus we have a new and unique songwriter/musician already in the front ranks by dint of timeless work.” (Folk And Acoustic Music Exchange)

“A delight to listen to...These are songs crafted with care and imbued with sincerity and conviction.” (Britsound Radio New Jersey)

“A songwriter of the very highest quality.” (Online Musik Magazine Germany)

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