Beazley Phillips Band with Dave Turner and Valorie Miller

Chicago piano rocker Beazley Phillips will perform a homecoming concert of sorts (he's an Asheville native) Thursday, August 6th, at The Garage at Biltmore beginning at 9pm with Dave Turner and Valorie Miller.

Beazley Phillips Band

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From CD Baby:
Singer, songwriter and pianist Michael Beazley Phillips writes from a place close to the heart, ranging from intense ballads to high energy rock.

Beazley left the south to play the blues. While studying with Chicago cultural icon, Erwin Helfer, he worked the blues circuit playing with many of Chicago’s legendary, working blues players. After a gig at the Chicago International Blues Fest in 2003, he left the blues scene to begin work with his own, more rock-influenced trio. Philadelphia native Pete Nocito joined the touring band in 2006 and is featured on vocals, drums as well as contributing songs for their newest record. Returning bassist, EG McDaniel, son of legendary Ink Spots guitarist, Floyd McDaniel, lays down the rhythmic backbone of the Chicago sound combined with energetic, percussive rock! | Home

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