A moving British perspective on American life

I just built and launched a website for my friend and fellow songwriter Rupert Wates, with whom I also worked as a singer on the associated album and singer and pianist in live shows. Rupert has written some very moving songs about American life told from a British perspective.

For example: In Dick And Delores (The Loving Kind) we hear of an interracial couple in the south in the 50's, who defied state law to marry. The Skies Of South Dakota unfolds the sad story of a young girl's struggle with religious and class prejudice. Days Of Mercy tells of the exodus of a poor family across America during the Dust Bowl Depression. There are tales of love and loss in the two world wars, and other stories of yesterday and today, each recast in song, each of them a piece in the mosaic that is the story of America itself.

There were 17 musicians and singers involved in this project, entitled Joe's Cafe and recorded in New York City, including such talents as Darol Anger on violin, Micheal Manring on bass, Bartosz Hadala on piano, and Chris Howard on percussion.

From the liner notes:

"As an English musician on the road in America, I've played a lot of cafes over the last few years. I've also heard, and read, a lot of real-life stories. I finally decided to turn the best of these stories into songs, and to bring them together under one welcoming roof. Joe's Cafe is the result. The songs on this album tell the stories of ordinary American people, from the first World War through the present day; and because Joe's Cafe is a friendly kind of place, each of them is sung by a friend of mine."

Please take a moment to visit the new website, which includes streaming audio: http://www.bitemusiclimited.com

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P.S. - I'll be touring with Rupert in Minnesota performing Joe's Cafe August 5-14. More info on my calendar.

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