A compelling story...

A compelling story...this is what I try to achieve with every song I write, and I have a series of stories I hope you'll find compelling in my new collection of songs available now here.

"Hideaway" talks about a couple living together, but in isolation.
"Color of Grey" explores the experience death in winter, rebirth in spring.
"Coffee in the Kitchen" contains elements of hope, abandonment and desperation.
"Solitaire" was inspired by being among millions in New York City, yet experiencing solitude.
"Don't Know Jesus" is a story about not being able to stop one's self from going wrong.
"Far To Go" is about heading home, but not wanting to.
"Hot Pavement" ponders the ongoing payment of dues.
"Katie Swain" was inspired by remembering an adolescent kiss years later.
"Tattoo" considers obsession and the indelible reminder of a lost love.
"When The Flowers Bloom" contains the character of an old man who relives his youth through music.
"Widower's Face" asks the angel of a man's wife to shine down on him through the sun.
"Might As Well" is based on a conversation between a bartender and his customer.

I hope you'll enjoy these stories and the music that carries them:
Click here to download the entire album or individual tracks.

The lyrics from six of these tracks have been posted here as well, and I'll be posting the remainder, one a day, over the next six days. 

Thanks for reading and listening.

All the best,

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